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Fade to black /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9781250133137
    Author: Rosenfelt, David

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The rising sea : a novel from the NUMA files /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9780735215535
    Author: Cussler, Clive

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The family next door /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9781250120892
    Author: Hepworth, Sally

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High voltage /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9780399593673
    Author: Moning, Karen Marie

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The woman left behind : a novel /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9780062419019
    Author: Howard, Linda, 1950-

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The third victim /

New At the Library - Fri, 2018-03-16 08:27

    ISBN: 9781250117502
    Author: Margolin, Phillip

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Mountain View Public Library joins Missouri Evergreen

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2018-03-15 14:27
(March 15, 2018). The MOBIUS Consortium announced that the Mountain View Public Library, (MO), went live as a member of the Missouri Evergreen Consortium. The Library is the 36th member to go live on the system and migrated from a standalone TLC Integrated Library System.
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Experience Lucidea's powerful archives collections management applications at MAC 2018

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2018-03-15 14:27
(March 15, 2018). Lucidea's archives collections management applications, CuadraSTAR Knowledge Center for Archives (SKCA) and Eloquent Archives, will be represented at this year's Midwest Archives Conference in Chicago, IL.
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Helping libraries expand access and convenience: bibliotheca launches open+™ at PLA

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2018-03-15 14:27
(March 15, 2018). bibliotheca announces the North American launch of its open library solution, open+. open+ is a comprehensive solution that provides more convenient access for users, more flexibility for library staff and more opportunities for libraries to make an impact within their communities. Using the open+ solution, libraries can control building access, security, and automation through one efficient central management hub. Seamlessly integrating with existing ILS and library solutions, open+ allows libraries to easily configure open hours, monitor library activity, control audio announcements and more.
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Supporting Peter Hepburn for ALA President

Tame the Web - Thu, 2018-03-15 12:09

Greetings to all members of the American Library Association. I received my ballot and I am happy to cast a vote for Peter Hepburn for ALA President. I have known Peter for over ten years. His work with libraries and participation in our association is strong. His experience within ALA over the years on council, the Executive Board, and various divisions is a solid foundation for the role of president.

Sustainability is the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, something members of ALA cannot ignore. His platform includes:

  • A Model for Sustainability
  • Organizational Stability
  • Continued Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

For more about Peter, please visit his site. 



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Zhejiang Province Launches Popular English Language eBook Library in China

Library Technology Reports - Thu, 2018-03-15 11:27
(March 15, 2018). The Zhejiang Library, together with OverDrive, the world's leading digital reading platform for libraries and schools, announced the launch of its digital library collection with a large catalog of eBooks and audiobooks. Based in Hangzhou, a world-class technology hub and home to e-commerce giant Alibaba, this provincial library is the seventh library in China – including Capital Library in Beijing, Shanghai Library, and Shenzhen Library – to join OverDrive's worldwide network of 40,000 libraries and schools.
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University of the Basque Country of Spain selects OCLC WorldShare Management Services

Library Technology Reports - Wed, 2018-03-14 23:26
(March 14, 2018). The University of the Basque Country, the public research institution in the Basque Country of Spain, has selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as its new cloud-based library services platform.
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Privacy in Libraries, a LITA webinar series

LITA Blog - Wed, 2018-03-14 15:43

This spring, LITA’s Patron Privacy Interest Group will offer a webinar/training series on privacy issues for libraries! Targeted at “advanced newcomers,” this series is for you if you’re interested in privacy issues; have ever wondered how to protect the data you use; and read through the Patron Privacy Checklists and wondered what else was out there. Led by member-experts of the Patron Privacy Interest Group, this series will tackle privacy policies and staff training, strategies to manage the lifecycle of personally identifiable information (PII), tips for adopting encrypted technologies, defending the privacy of library patrons, and communicating about and advocating for privacy to library stakeholders.

And the first webinar is free! The remaining four can be attended individually or get a package deal for all four.

Get the details on the LITA Privacy in Libraries series web page and register here.

Here’s the line up:

  • Developing Good Privacy Policies, March 28, 2018

To register for “Developing Good Privacy Policies”, use this link to reserve your spot (required). Thank you to the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) for co-sponsoring.

  • Wrangling Library Patron Data, April 11, 2018
  • Adopting Encryption Technologies, April 25, 2018
  • Analytics and Assessment: Privacy vs. Surveillance, May 9, 2018
  • Take Back Research Privacy, May 23, 2018

Here are the Presenters:

  • Sarah Houghton
  • Becky Yoose
  • Matt Beckstrom
  • T.J. Lamanna
  • Eric Hellman
  • Sam Kome

View details and Register here.

Questions or Comments?

For all other questions or comments related to the webinars, contact LITA at (312) 280-4268 or Mark Beatty,

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Blood in the snow : the true story of a stay-at-home dad his high-powered wife

New At the Library - Wed, 2018-03-14 08:26

    ISBN: 9781538491942
    Author: Henderson, Tom

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The third victim : a novel /

New At the Library - Wed, 2018-03-14 08:26

    ISBN: 9781427293213
    Author: Margolin, Phillip

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How to get sh*t done : why women need to stop doing everything so they can achie

New At the Library - Wed, 2018-03-14 08:26

    ISBN: 9781501165788
    Author: Falconer, Erin,

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LITA, LLAMA, ALCTS collaboration FAQ: Post #1

LITA Blog - Tue, 2018-03-13 15:21

On February 23, I posted for discussion a proposal on a closer formal relationship between LITA, LLAMA, and ALCTS. That included an anonymous feedback form where you can ask questions, express feelings, et cetera. I will be collating and answering these questions every few weeks here on LITAblog (so please keep asking!).

Thus far there is just one question, but I’m sure it speaks for many of you: “Will my dues go up if these three divisions combine?” And the answer is: we’re not totally sure yet; it depends, but up and down are both possibilities; and either way you’d get more value from your membership.

We recognize that finances are an important issue for most of our members, and any combined effort has to be financially sustainable for both the divisions and our members, or it can’t go forward. We (the leadership of the three divisions) are in the process of constituting a finance workgroup to look closely at the numbers and advise us on plans. Until that group reports, we will not have exact numbers for you. But here’s what we know right now:

  • LLAMA personal member dues are $50, LITA’s are $60, and ALCTS’s are $75.
  • …unless you’re a student, in which case your dues are $15 (ALCTS, LLAMA) or $25 (LITA).
  • LITA also has a non-salaried member tier; ALCTS has several additional tiers.
  • Some people are paying dues to multiple divisions: almost 800 people who are in both LITA and LLAMA, almost 600 who are in both LITA and ALCTS, and at least one who’s in all three. (Me, as of my membership renewal last week.)

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that we can have a viable path forward with dues in the current ballpark, but what that means for you personally depends on which dues you are paying. It’s entirely possible that some members will see no change, some will see an increase, and some will see a decrease.

Regardless of how the numbers work out for you, I’d like to leave you with an idea wisely suggested by LLAMA President-Elect Lynn Hoffman. There are lots of people who would like to be in more than one of these three divisions, but who find it too expensive. If you’re one of them, and I came to you and said “you can have a whole second division for just $10 or $20 more than you’re paying right now”…would you jump at that chance?

My Google docs folder for my files on the merger question is labeled Stronger Together, because the consensus of the LITA Board after Midwinter was that there are so many ways we can benefit from each others’ strengths. LITA members, you already know how much technological skill, creativity, and hard work are in this division. We run high-profile events like Top Tech Trends and Happy Hour; we publish really useful books; we’re the only one of the three divisions to run a face-to-face conference.

But we’ve heard for years that you want more of a leadership training pathway, and more ways to stay involved with your LITA home as you move into management; LLAMA opens up all kinds of natural opportunities. They have an agile divisional structure with their communities of practice and an outstanding set of leadership competencies.

And anyone involved with library technology knows that we live and die by metadata, but we aren’t always experts in it; joining forces with ALCTS creates a natural home for people no matter where they are (or where they’re going) on the technology/metadata continuum. ALCTS also runs far more online education than LITA and runs a virtual conference.

If these three divisions united – no matter whether your dues went up or down – you’d be getting a lot more value for your membership dollars. We wouldn’t even be considering the question if we weren’t certain that was the case, and we won’t advance to formal changes unless we have a financial plan we can believe in.

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De Gruyter now prints in the US and Australia via Ingram's Lightning Source

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2018-03-13 14:26
(March 13, 2018). De Gruyter, a leading international academic publishing house for over 260 years, has expanded its global presence in the United States and Australia by tapping into print on demand services from Lightning Source LLC, a leading print-on-demand company that is part of Ingram Content Group.
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Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Awards Grant to the Internet Archive for Long Tail Journal Preservation

Library Technology Reports - Tue, 2018-03-13 14:26
(March 13, 2018). The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a research and development grant to the Internet Archive to address the critical need to preserve the “long tail” of open access scholarly communications. The project, Ensuring the Persistent Access of Long Tail Open Access Journal Literature, builds on prototype work identifying at-risk content held in web archives by using data provided by identifier services and registries. Furthermore, the project expands on work acquiring missing open access articles via customized web harvesting, improving discovery and access to this materials from within extant web archives, and developing machine learning approaches, training sets, and cost models for advancing and scaling this project's work.
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