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March 2018 ITAL Issue Published

Thu, 2018-03-22 10:00

The March 2018 issue (volume 37, number 1) of Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) has been published and may be read at:

This issue marks the journal’s 50th anniversary. The table of contents and brief abstracts of reviewed articles are below.

Ken Varnum

“Academic Libraries on Social Media: Finding the Students and the Information They Want”
Heather Howard, Sarah Huber, Lisa Carter, and Elizabeth Moore

Although most libraries today participate in some form of social media, few take the time to learn how they might use this medium more effectively to meet the needs and interests of their users. This study by Purdue University Libraries offers an instructive example of how to apply user research to the development of an effective social media strategy. This article will be of interest to librarians looking to gain a better understanding of the social media habits of college students or improve communication with their users.

“Accessible, Dynamic Web Content Using Instagram”
Jaci Wilkinson

Using social media to reach a library’s communities has traditionally focused on using Twitter and Facebook to engage patrons. In this article, the authors discuss how they developed an interface to push content from their archives and special collections to Instagram. This article is especially interesting as it focuses on a number of issues: developing the API, designing for accessibility, and taking advantage of evolving social media trends.

“Trope or Trap? Role-Playing Narratives and Length in Instructional Video”
Amanda S. Clossen

This article, detailing the results of a large-scale survey, provides a solid and useful addition to the literature on how best to create instructional videos. A must read for instructional-video-creating librarians!

“Identifying Emerging Relationships in Healthcare Domain Journals via Citation Network Analysis”
Kuo-Chung Chu, Hsin-Ke Lu, and Wen-I Liu

Ever wonder how the articles in a particular research domain connect to one another, or how those connections might evolve over time? Eager to help researchers quickly and visually identify key articles within a particular research domain? Incorporating data mining techniques for co-citation analysis, Chu, Liu, and Lu offer a tantalizing glimpse – a study that builds an automated web-based citation analysis system presenting an automated system that can do both.

“Digitization of Textual Documents Using PDF/A”
Yan Han and Xueheng Wan

This article provides a technical yet practical explanation of the value of using the open PDF/A file format for the long-term preservation of digital content, and will appeal to staff in any type of library responsible for determining preferred file formats for future discovery and access.

Editorial Content

Submit Your Ideas
for contributions to ITAL to Ken Varnum, editor, at with your proposal. Current formats are generally

  • Articles – original research or comprehensive and in-depth analyses, in the 3000-5000 word range.
  • Communications – brief research reports, technical findings, and case studies, in the 1000-3000 word range.

Questions or Comments?

For all other questions or comments related to LITA publications, contact LITA at (312) 280-4268 or Mark Beatty,

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2018 LITA Library Technology Forum Call for Proposals

Wed, 2018-03-21 10:10

Submit your Proposals for the:

2018 LITA Library Technology Forum

Minneapolis, MN
November 8-10, 2018

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
— Edith Wharton

The Library and Information Technology Association seeks proposals for the 21st Annual LITA Library Technology Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota from November 8-10, 2018.

Building & Leading

Our theme for the 2018 LITA Library Technology Forum is: Building & Leading.
What are you most passionate about in librarianship and information technology? This conference is your chance to share how your passions are building the future, and to lead others by illumination and inspiration. Along those lines, we are inviting you to rethink your take on presentations and programming.

To inspire your creativity, we have three options from which you may choose:

  • Traditional: Solo or panel presentations on a topic, fixed length, may be streamed/recorded.
  • Hands-on: Leading the audience through a creative or generative process, attendees should feel like they did something when they leave, variable lengths of 1-3 hours possible.
  • Discussion-based: Involving shorter presentation lengths, with extensive time for break-out discussions with audience.

We have rooms that are dedicated to each type, with seating and AV setups appropriate to each style of presentation. The goal will be to give attendees a variety of styles, timeframes, and topics to choose from at every turn.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Proposal Details

Proposals may cover projects, plans, ideas, or recent discoveries. We accept proposals on any aspect of library and information technology. The committee particularly invites submissions from first time presenters, library school students, and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

We deliberately seek and strongly encourage submissions from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, the LGBTQA+ community, and people with disabilities. We also strongly encourage submissions from public, school, and special libraries.

For a longer document of LITA’s commitment to diversity, please see LITA’s Statement on Diversity, and all attendees are expected to read, understand, and follow the LITA Statement of Appropriate Conduct.

Vendors wishing to submit a proposal should partner with a library representative who is testing/using the product.

Presenters will submit final presentation slides and/or electronic content (video, audio, etc.) to be made available online following the event. Presenters are expected to register and participate in the Forum as attendees; a discounted registration rate will be offered.

Submit Program Proposal

If you have any questions, contact Jason Griffey, Forum Program Committee Chair, at griffey AT

More information about LITA is available from the LITA website (, Facebook ( and Twitter (

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#LITAchat – Writing for LITA Guides

Tue, 2018-03-20 11:15

Interested in writing for LITA Guides, and about the publishing experience?

The LITA Guide Series books from Rowman and Littlefield publishers contain practical, up to date, how-to information. Proposals can be submitted to the Acquisitions editor using this link.

Join LITA members and colleagues on

Friday, March 30, 1:00-2:00pm EST

on Twitter to discuss and ask questions about writing for publication and the LITA Guide publishing process.

To participate, launch your favorite Twitter mobile app or web browser and search for the #LITAchat hashtag and select “Latest” to follow along and reply to questions asked by moderator or other participants. When replying to discussion or asking questions, add or incorporate the hashtag #LITAchat.

See you there!

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Developing Good Privacy Policies, a free LITA webinar

Mon, 2018-03-19 14:34

Kicking off Privacy in Libraries, a LITA webinar series is the free webinar:

Developing Good Privacy Policies 
Wednesday, March 28, 2018, Noon – 1:30 pm Central Time
Presenter: Sarah Houghton

Use this link to reserve your spot (required)
Thank you to the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) for co-sponsoring.

Get the details on the LITA Privacy in Libraries series web page.

Writing policies can be exciting when it’s something you care about–and librarians care about privacy. This webinar will help you write (or revise) a privacy policy to include critical issues like privacy law, professional ethics surrounding privacy, how you handle personally identifiable information, what section should be covered in a solid privacy policy, and making it all comprehensible to a layperson. We will also discuss how to ensure that the privacy policy is understood and adhered to by all library stakeholders–from library staff to supervisors and governance bodies.

Sarah Houghton worked for a decade in library technology and for the past seven years has worked as the Director at the San Rafael Public Library. She focuses her “off work time work” on library ethics, privacy, surveillance, censorship, and intellectual freedom.

View details and Reserve your spot here.

Questions or Comments?

For all other questions or comments related to the webinars, contact LITA at (312) 280-4268 or Mark Beatty,

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Privacy in Libraries, a LITA webinar series

Wed, 2018-03-14 15:43

This spring, LITA’s Patron Privacy Interest Group will offer a webinar/training series on privacy issues for libraries! Targeted at “advanced newcomers,” this series is for you if you’re interested in privacy issues; have ever wondered how to protect the data you use; and read through the Patron Privacy Checklists and wondered what else was out there. Led by member-experts of the Patron Privacy Interest Group, this series will tackle privacy policies and staff training, strategies to manage the lifecycle of personally identifiable information (PII), tips for adopting encrypted technologies, defending the privacy of library patrons, and communicating about and advocating for privacy to library stakeholders.

And the first webinar is free! The remaining four can be attended individually or get a package deal for all four.

Get the details on the LITA Privacy in Libraries series web page and register for the series here or for individual webinars in the series here.

Here’s the line up:

  • Developing Good Privacy Policies, March 28, 2018

To register for “Developing Good Privacy Policies”, use this link to reserve your spot (required). Thank you to the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA) for co-sponsoring.

  • Wrangling Library Patron Data, April 11, 2018
  • Adopting Encryption Technologies, April 25, 2018
  • Analytics and Assessment: Privacy vs. Surveillance, May 9, 2018
  • Take Back Research Privacy, May 23, 2018

Here are the Presenters:

  • Sarah Houghton
  • Becky Yoose
  • Matt Beckstrom
  • T.J. Lamanna
  • Eric Hellman
  • Sam Kome

View details and Register for the series or individual webinars.

Questions or Comments?

For all other questions or comments related to the webinars, contact LITA at (312) 280-4268 or Mark Beatty,

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LITA, LLAMA, ALCTS collaboration FAQ: Post #1

Tue, 2018-03-13 15:21

On February 23, I posted for discussion a proposal on a closer formal relationship between LITA, LLAMA, and ALCTS. That included an anonymous feedback form where you can ask questions, express feelings, et cetera. I will be collating and answering these questions every few weeks here on LITAblog (so please keep asking!).

Thus far there is just one question, but I’m sure it speaks for many of you: “Will my dues go up if these three divisions combine?” And the answer is: we’re not totally sure yet; it depends, but up and down are both possibilities; and either way you’d get more value from your membership.

We recognize that finances are an important issue for most of our members, and any combined effort has to be financially sustainable for both the divisions and our members, or it can’t go forward. We (the leadership of the three divisions) are in the process of constituting a finance workgroup to look closely at the numbers and advise us on plans. Until that group reports, we will not have exact numbers for you. But here’s what we know right now:

  • LLAMA personal member dues are $50, LITA’s are $60, and ALCTS’s are $75.
  • …unless you’re a student, in which case your dues are $15 (ALCTS, LLAMA) or $25 (LITA).
  • LITA also has a non-salaried member tier; ALCTS has several additional tiers.
  • Some people are paying dues to multiple divisions: almost 800 people who are in both LITA and LLAMA, almost 600 who are in both LITA and ALCTS, and at least one who’s in all three. (Me, as of my membership renewal last week.)

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that we can have a viable path forward with dues in the current ballpark, but what that means for you personally depends on which dues you are paying. It’s entirely possible that some members will see no change, some will see an increase, and some will see a decrease.

Regardless of how the numbers work out for you, I’d like to leave you with an idea wisely suggested by LLAMA President-Elect Lynn Hoffman. There are lots of people who would like to be in more than one of these three divisions, but who find it too expensive. If you’re one of them, and I came to you and said “you can have a whole second division for just $10 or $20 more than you’re paying right now”…would you jump at that chance?

My Google docs folder for my files on the merger question is labeled Stronger Together, because the consensus of the LITA Board after Midwinter was that there are so many ways we can benefit from each others’ strengths. LITA members, you already know how much technological skill, creativity, and hard work are in this division. We run high-profile events like Top Tech Trends and Happy Hour; we publish really useful books; we’re the only one of the three divisions to run a face-to-face conference.

But we’ve heard for years that you want more of a leadership training pathway, and more ways to stay involved with your LITA home as you move into management; LLAMA opens up all kinds of natural opportunities. They have an agile divisional structure with their communities of practice and an outstanding set of leadership competencies.

And anyone involved with library technology knows that we live and die by metadata, but we aren’t always experts in it; joining forces with ALCTS creates a natural home for people no matter where they are (or where they’re going) on the technology/metadata continuum. ALCTS also runs far more online education than LITA and runs a virtual conference.

If these three divisions united – no matter whether your dues went up or down – you’d be getting a lot more value for your membership dollars. We wouldn’t even be considering the question if we weren’t certain that was the case, and we won’t advance to formal changes unless we have a financial plan we can believe in.

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Jobs in Information Technology: March 7, 2018

Wed, 2018-03-07 15:36

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

Internet2, Program Manager, U.S. Unified Community Anchor Network, Washington, DC

Internet2, Program Manager, U.S. Unified Community Anchor Network, Ann Arbor, MI

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science, Teaching Assistant Professor, Chapel Hill, NC

Kansas State University Libraries, Systems Administrator, Manhattan, KS

Age of Learning, Inc., Digital Resources Librarian, Glendale, CA

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

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New Title in the LITA Guide Series Available Now

Tue, 2018-03-06 16:24

The LITA Guide to No- or Low-Cost Technology Tools for Libraries, by Breanne A. Kirsch

This exciting new title provides a practical guide on how to find and use technology tools for a variety of purposes in libraries and, more broadly, in education. Each topic showcases two technology tools in detail, discusses additional tools and provides examples of how librarians or educators are using them in libraries and schools.

Tools covered include:

  • Video creation tools: PowToon and Animaker.
  • Screencasts tools: Jing and Screencast-O-Matic.
  • Collaboration tools: Padlet and Lino It.
  • Assessment tools: Quizizz and Kahoot.

Breanne’s writing purpose:

“I hope that this book will help novice and tech-savvy librarians in all types of libraries learn about technology tools that will help them improve library services and resources. The tools highlighted throughout the book are user friendly and usually have a free version. I explain each tool in enough detail to help the novice and share examples of the tool being used in libraries. The scope of the book is broad enough that educators will also find the technology tools discussed to be helpful, but it is written for academic, public, and school librarians and will assist them in creating better online resources and services for patrons. This book will empower librarians of all types to adopt new low-cost tech tools for practical, everyday use.”

Breanne Kirsch is Public Services Librarian and Coordinator of Emerging Technologies at the University of South Carolina Upstate. She was recognized as an emerging leader in 2011 by the American Library Association and founded the LITA Game Making Interest Group. Breanne is a past Chair of the LITA Imagineering Interest Group and currently serves on the LITA Publications Committee. Discover more on her Amazon page.

LITA members receive a 20% discount on all LITA Guide titles. To get that discount, use promotion code RLLITA20 when ordering from the Rowman and Littlefield LITA Guide Series web site.

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LITA Board Issues Statement Against the Ballot Measure and in Favor of the MLIS-Preferred for Next ALA Executive Director

Tue, 2018-03-06 10:09

As ALA and LITA members prepared for the opening of the 2018 Election on March 12, the LITA Board discussed the issue of whether the MLIS should be required or preferred for the ALA Executive Director position and issued a statement supporting the ALA Council’s vote to make the MLIS preferred.

The full statement is available on the LITA website.

“LITA itself underwent an executive director search in 2015. Our job posting used ‘preferred,’ not ‘required,’ language for the MLS; the same is true of other ALA divisions which have recently hired executive directors. Our candidate pool included excellent candidates from both library backgrounds and association management backgrounds. Ultimately we were delighted to be able to hire an MLS-holder, but having candidates from varied perspectives both increased our ability to hire the best available talent and helped our search committee to clarify what it truly valued. The LITA Board values the judgment of the previous ALA Executive Director Search Committee and wants the next search committee to have the broadest possible candidate pool to work from. We have complete faith they will identify a candidate who represents both association management excellence and dedication to library values. As always, we encourage you to participate in ALA elections, and we hope this information from the LITA board helps you make a decision.”


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Call for Panelists LITA Top Trends Program, 2018 ALA Annual

Mon, 2018-03-05 15:05

We are currently seeking nominations for panelists for the 2018 ALA Annual Conference LITA Top Tech Trends program in New Orleans, LA!  You may nominate yourself or someone you know who would be a great addition to the panel of speakers.

Submit your nominations at

The next LITA Top Tech Trends Program will be held at ALA Annual in New Orleans, LA, on Sunday, June 24, 2018. During the program, a moderator and several panelists will each discuss trends impacting libraries.LITA encourages participation from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, and LGBTQA+. We also value diverse perspectives on the panel from different types of libraries and individuals who can bring a fresh voice on technology trends impacting libraries.

Deadline is March 31, 2018.

The LITA Top Tech Trends Committee will review each submission and select panelists based on their proposed trends, experience, and overall balance to the panel. Submission Guidelines can be found at

For more information about the Top Tech Trends program, please visit


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Call For Blog Writers!

Mon, 2018-03-05 10:34

Dear Colleagues,

The LITA Blog invites applications for new authors! We are recruiting writers from all types and sizes of libraries to share their knowledge as part of this amazing group. For additional information about the blog, please go to:

Please indicate your interest and fill out the following form by March 9th:

John Klima and Cinthya Ippoliti (co-editors)

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Jobs in Information Technology: February 28, 2018

Wed, 2018-02-28 12:44

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

Cleveland Public Library, Library Systems and Applications Specialist, Cleveland, OH

Library of the University of California, Davis, Electronic Resources Librarian, Davis, CA

Harford County Public Library, Librarian – Children’s Services – Aberdeen or Bel Air, Aberdeen or Bel Air, MD

Harford County Public Library, Assistant Branch Manager I – Havre De Grace, Havre De Grace, MD

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

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LITA, ALCTS, and LLAMA document on small division collaboration

Fri, 2018-02-23 16:22

Hi, LITAns.

I’m sharing with you a document on small division collaboration (LITA, LLAMA, and ALCTS) which I encourage you all to read carefully. I am also interested in any thoughts, questions, feelings, or ideas that you may have. 

The context for this document is that, as you may know, LITA, ALA, and membership associations generally have been experiencing declining membership for some time. The resulting budgetary deficits make it difficult for us to sustain services. The Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Executive Directors of LITA, LLAMA, and ALCTS have been discussing our shared challenges in this arena, and imagining how we could reduce duplication and build on our strengths were we to work together, whether through formal collaboration or potentially merging our divisions.

All three division Boards discussed this document on Monday afternoon at Midwinter, and we decided it is worth considering further. The division leadership, myself included, will be regrouping on February 28 to update each other on our Board meetings and discuss next steps.

I want to emphasize that nothing has been decided; this document is only the beginning of a discussion. We will be planning a process and timeline for gathering information and other next steps. This will include an open and public dialogue with you, our members, with numerous opportunities for you to participate across a variety of channels.

I expect you (like us!) have a range of feelings on this topic. I know for a fact that any direction we take will be substantially improved by your creativity and insight. You are welcome to discuss this topic here on LITAblog, as well as privately with me, Executive Director Jenny Levine, or President-Elect Bohyun Kim. You may also submit an anonymous question for the Board as a whole; responses will be collated and addressed here on LITAblog. I look forward to your responses.

On behalf of the LITA Board,

Andromeda Yelton

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Jobs in Information Technology: February 21, 2018

Wed, 2018-02-21 14:35

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

AIM Law Firm Library, Law Library Technical Assistant, Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University, Health Informationist, Atlanta, GA

California Historical Society, Special Collections Metadata and Systems Librarian, San Francisco, CA

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

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Meet Your Candidates for the 2018 LITA Election

Wed, 2018-02-21 12:05

The LITA Board is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the 2018 spring election.

Vice-President/President-Elect Jason Griffey
Affiliate Fellow
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society


David Lee King
Digital Services Director
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library


Emily Morton-Owens
Assistant University Librarian for Digital Library Development and Systems
University of Pennsylvania Libraries


Director-at-Large (2 elected for 3-year terms) Galen Charlton
Infrastructure and Added Services Manager
Equinox Open Library Initiative


Tabatha Farney
Director of Web Services and Emerging Technologies
University of Colorado Colorado Springs


Kelly Sattler
Head of Web Services
Michigan State University Libraries


Berika S. Williams
Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian
Tufts University



The 2018 election will run March 12-April 4, and results will be announced on April 11. We encourage all LITA members to help shape the future of the organization by voting in the election.

The Board thanks the LITA Nominating Committee for all of their work: S.G. Ranti Junus (Chair), Marshall E. Breeding, and Hong Ma. Thank you to the candidates for agreeing to serve.

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HTTPS: It’s Way Past Time-A guest post from TJ Lamanna

Fri, 2018-02-16 12:18

Brace for impact. Well, maybe not impact, but phone calls and emails to be sure. Google announced that in July 2018 they will be flagging all non-HTTPS sites as insecure, which means your patrons are going to get a warning whenever they try to access your site. And for roughly 90% of public U.S. libraries, this is going to be the case. That’s right, according to my latest statistics only 1620 out of 16221 public libraries in the U.S. use HTTPS for their websites (catalogs are a beast of a different color). U.S. libraries are trailing tremendously on the national average, and for a group that lauds themselves as bastions of privacy, we need to do better. For instance, the graphics below show the average for Alexa’s list of most popular websites [Fig. 1]. I use SSLLabs reports both to look at trends and run audits, you can do so yourself at There you can audit your server, browser, or use Pulse to check out current trends and see how we’re stacking up.

Another great source of information is Let’s Encrypt’s Stat page [Fig. 2] which gives clear and accurate trend information, not just for the U.S. but globally. There has been a massive uptick in certs since Janurary of last year, with the U.S. going from about 50% to close to 80%! And this is compared to U.S. libraries hovering under 10%. There is no clear reason why this is, and it’s something easily remedied. I’m hoping this post and upcoming articles and webinars will help boost those numbers. The bulk of my information on https protocols in U.S. public libraries comes from, so please, go there and check out your library. If your information is not accurate, please let me know so we can update it and get a better reflection!

The question is, why now? Why is Google pushing this now? Well, Roger Montti lays it out fantastically in his article Google Engineer Lists 4 Powerful Reasons Why Sites Should Upgrade to HTTPS, but to summarize, he lists four main reasons:

  • HTTPS is Not Just About Google – this standard aims to benefit everyone, and it’s not Google that started it, but their push, since they are a massive company has brought it more to the forefront, but groups have been pushing it since 1994 when Netscape start creating the SSL protocol (they are now the Mozilla Foundation).
  • HTTPS Enables a Trouble Free Internet – I want to be clear, it enables, but in no way guarantees a trouble free internet, but it does help. A lot. This standard lays a foundation that even better security can be built on.
  • HTTPS Enables Browser Service Workers – as more and more apps are developed we rely more on API’s to help keep the internet moving, and this needs explicitly safe protocols. With more information being transmitted, these protocols are essential.
  • The Internet Should Be Safe – This may seem intuitive, but it’s a foundational principle to the internet. You should feel safe and secure when you use the internet, and HTTPS goes a long way to both help secure the internet and build the public trust.

So, if you don’t want your staff spending all their time assuring patrons that your site is secure (and if you’re not using HTTPS, you’ll be lying to them), now is the time to make the switch. And honestly, it’s pretty easy. If your site is hosted by your state library, contact them immediately and ask them to enable HTTPS for your site! There might be some hiccups with what we called mixed media, which are URL’s that point to unsecure sites that are embedded on your page, but that’s far better than sending everything as clear text! If you’re hosting your own site, it’s a little trickier than just picking up the phone, but not that much more difficult. I cannot recommend enough the good people at Let’s Encrypt and the amazing work they do. Most hosting sites make it easy (and almost all are free) to enable HTTPS for your site. I personally use Heroku for a lot of light-weight and quick-deploy sites and it’s just the click of a button to do it. If you’re hosting in-house let your I.T. staff know they need to get on this immediately.

Implementing an SSL certificate isn’t difficult and I can recommend Mike Robinson’s posts on implementing certs on Library OPACs and API Servers, which can be found here and here. I understand that this can be quite daunting, especially if you haven’t done something like this before, but there are organizations and walkthroughs that can get even those most novice of web admins going quickly and easily.

Most libraries don’t seem to be hosting their own sites, which adds an additional layer of difficulty (or ease depending on who’s hosting it). For instance, if your township administrates your site, they will most likely be adding a certificate, just make sure they add one for the library domain! They’ll most likely want to keep the township sites information secure, especially if they solicit questions from the community. If you’re hosted, and paid a vendor to create your site you should contact them and let them know you want an SSL certificate added to your domain. If you do it in house, but aren’t confident in your ability to add it yourself, Let’s Encrypt is a valuable tool I cannot recommend highly enough.

This post isn’t meant to be alarmist, but forewarned is forearmed, and I’m not going to delve into the details on how to deploy it, but I’m always happy to chat and give you a hand if you want. You can find me on Twitter @paraVestibulum or email me:

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Jobs in Information Technology: February 14, 2018

Wed, 2018-02-14 12:31

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

Cornell University Library, Preservation Applications Programmer – Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY

Lansing Community College, Library Technologist, Lansing, MI

Minnesota State University, Mankato, Electronic Access and Discovery Librarian, Mankato, MN

Georgia State University, Department Head of Technical Services, Atlanta, GA

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Software Developer, Los Alamos, NM

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

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Jobs in Information Technology: February 7, 2018

Wed, 2018-02-07 15:03

New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job Site for a minimum of four weeks.

New This Week

Dayton Metro Library, Technology Development Manager, Dayton, OH

Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Systems Librarian, Geneva, NY

MIT Libraries, Head of Digital Library Engineering, Cambridge, MA

Medical University of South Carolina, Director for Digital Strategies and Innovation, Charleston, SC

Visit the LITA Job Site for more available jobs and for information on submitting a job posting.

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#LITAchat – LITA Membership Benefits

Wed, 2018-02-07 10:17

Interested in joining LITA or already a member and want a refresher on LITA membership benefits?

Join members of the Membership Development Committee and other LITA members on Friday, February 23, 1:00-2:00pm EST on Twitter to discuss and ask questions about LITA membership.

To participate, launch your favorite Twitter mobile app or web browser and search for the #LITAchat hashtag and select “Latest” to follow along and reply to questions asked by moderator or other participants. When replying to discussion or asking questions, add or incorporate the hashtag #LITAchat.

See you there!

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